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Government Protection: Is It an Illusion?

Today’s article will focus on the Maksim Gelman stabbing spree which occurred in New York City. On February 11th and 12th, 2011, Maskim Gelman went on a stabbing spree that resulted in the death of four people and the wounding of five others.

Caught in in the middle of the stabbing spree was Joseph Lozito. During the event, Joseph Lozito was being stabbed and slashed as New York City policemen allegedly hid during the crime scene. After finding out that the New York City policemen were available at the crime scene but did not come to stop the crime, Joseph Lozito filed a lawsuit against the City of New York. A policeman claimed he saw Gelman with a gun and that is why the policemen hid.

Judge Margaret Chan ruled in favor of the City of New York. In her ruling, she stated although Joseph Lozito’s account was “highly credible,” the police had “no special duty” to protect Lozito.

Objectively, police were there while a man was being stabbed and did nothing to protect him. That is the simplest way to put it.


  1. New York is one of the toughest states on concealed carry weapons licenses.
  2. According to this court case, the police have no special duty to protect people when they are being stabbed to death.


Below is a link to the actual Supreme Court of the State of New York filing. Here is the evidence. You can draw your own conclusions.

Link: Lozito Vs City of New York

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